NAVIKA’s Charter

North America Vishwa Kannada Association NAVIKA was established as a not for profit organization.
NAVIKA intends to promote the language and culture of Kannada amongst the generations of Kannadigas settles in USA and rest of Kannadigas. To achieve this goal NAVIKA intends to take up several activities both in USA and India from time to time . These activities will be in the form of programs and events to promote the various literary and performing art forms of Kannada, programs to promote the language of Kannada, Annual/biannual conventions , regional and state levels meets amongst Kannadigas, publish journals and newsletters, promote Karnataka artists and literary workers and support any Kannada related activities
NAVIKA is also a charitable organization and will develop and implement various charitable activities both in USA and India . There is an increasing need for social support system and timely help for Kannada families in living in USA, specially in times of emergencies and other difficult personal situations in life