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NAVIKA (Naavu Vishwa Kannadigaru) Association is a nonprofit organization created to promote…

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Charity drive is headed by a committee which consists of one chairperson and at least four other members.  Goal is to identify the..

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NAVIKA (Naavu Vishwa Kannadigaru) Association was established as a not for profit organization.

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Whereas the need exists for cohesive action on the part of the people of Karnataka State “Origin”, India, residing….

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President's Message

Naavu Vishwa Kannadigaru (Navika) is a non-profit organization created to promote and enrich cultural heritage of Karnataka. NAVIKA was formed on Ugadi day March 2009. It is a diverse community that embraces Kannadigas from all walks of life and is dedicated to unify all Kannadigas across the globe to promote social welfare and strengthening our social support system.  It is committed to building a strong entity that empowers all Kannadigas and improving networking and areas of education, culture business and philanthropy.

Our goals include: Bringing all Kannada speaking people together in the World and provide a platform to share the culture, values and rich heritage of Karnataka. Building bridge with all other people to enrich our culture. As Reigveda says “Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions”.