Jnaana Deevige News & Photos

Jnaana Deevige News & Photos

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20th January

On 20th January, during the launch of Navika Rotary Jnana Deevige program at Sri Sharada Mutt, Sringeri, Government High School, Gubbihalli, Biruru Taluk, Chikmagalur, was one of the four schools that received five tabs each. Today, at the school, in the presence of the members of the School Development Management Committee, the tabs were handed over to class 10 students. The names of the donors (Sl No 51 & 52 in the donor list) were pre-printed on the stickers. Hopefully, apart from thanking NAVIKA, the donors & Rotary, a desire has been sparked in the minds of a few of those present to add to the number of tabs so more students can benefit. A tiny example of what the end-to-end (leak-proof) networking of NAVIKA & Rotary can achieve.

School and Student Photos

15th January