Recorded Programs

Recorded Programs

by admin

Go to Browser enter:

If you have not registered: Click India Registration to register in India, others Register Today. Follow the instruction. You will receive Email with the link to
view programs. If link works ignore following steps. If it is not working or not received email, follow following steps.

Click at “Click here to view Recorded event” It will display

Click on “Schedule” to know what is going on what Sabha?
There are 5  auditoriums
Click on the required Sabha in the bottom or you can
pan to the required Sabha. It takes you to the front of
the required Sabha door. Click to enter. It will ask you
for first time:

Enter your email id you have registered.
Screen will display. Top it will display what
day program and side screen will display
program names of the at day.

Enjoy your program. To exit the Sabha, just
click at the ‘X’ Mark on the Sabha screen.
Enjoy the program Till Sep 28th.